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As I stated on my blog, this was a fast impromptu trip/run to Cades Cove on a day when I knew there would be accumulated snow on the ground and clear skies from the precipitation we received the night before. Sooo, I grabbed the gear that morning and headed to the mountains. I was awarded well for the trip. God sure has THE BEST art and I never tire of looking at his creations! Ok, the best part of this trip. I was leaving but deciding to drive around the loop one more time then I cut across Sparks lane to leave without following the whole loop. As I approached where Abrams creek crosses the road I noticed what I thought was a dog/cat at the roads edge. Once it saw me and ran off following the creek I knew it was too big for a domestic cat then I got out of the truck and saw the tracks as seen in shots 31, 32, and 33. I walked the creek for almost a mile following but never REALLY getting a shot of the bobcat. number 34 is the best of the bunch. If you look hard you'll see it's ears in the shot. THAT is some good camo!! I look forward to another trip to the Cove and maybe just maybe I can get a good shot of a wild bobcat!!

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My very favorite place in the world! Beautiful, but looks COLD.
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