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It started back in late 2004 with my first camera I purchased. And so the story begins....

First and foremost I want to thank God for creating all this magnificent beauty, for giving me the eye to see and capture on film, and second my beautiful wife, Amy, who has to put up with me. All the spur of the moment, crazy, wild, hurry those people are looking at you/us time/effort and so many more untold things that are done to capture the story/vision I am trying to tell on film and digital media.

I continue to strive to perfect this craft. (IF that's even possible) I am my own worse critic. I have recently added a second shooter to help/assist me with sessions. I introduced her on my blog last year and am just now doing the same here. Welcome Sherissa and check out her work in the galleries. She has a great eye for capturing the light/image. We would love to capture that special moment/day/time or occasion for you.