truephotoplus: Blog en-us (C) truephotoplus (truephotoplus) Tue, 08 Aug 2017 07:25:00 GMT Tue, 08 Aug 2017 07:25:00 GMT truephotoplus: Blog 80 120 Spencer's 8th Grade Prom Wow! I almost completely forgot to publish this post! (Ok, so I DID forget to but I caught it now!! Here it is!!) I was contacted by Theresa (the AWESOME event planner at Happily Ever After at the Barn in Sevierville) about shooting some shots of Spencer (her son) for his 8th grade prom. It was a blast!!! I love some of these shots, was trying a few new things as well as the old standbys. Such a fun time (hopefully had by all...) Here's to a great new school year for ya' Spencer as you start on this journey. Enjoy because time seems to just keep moving faster and faster as it goes by!

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Maci's 21st Birthday Now in today's hustle and bustle world (even without the rush from day to day) I am thankful for each year that passes and another year I grow older and dare I say wiser...?!?! It seems like forever ago if not another lifetime when I hit that magical age of 21... you know... you remember don't you? @John Alley (865)406-5338 Wow.... to be there again. Just reaching what the world (and most folks) consider adulthood. That's an odd word.... Hmm, anyway here's a link to the gallery with just a sample of the shots that we got as a celebration of another chapter closing as a new one begins. Congratulations Maci!! (I am pretty sure she'll be either a rock star or famous one of these days!!! Just remember us little people!!!) @John Alley (865)406-5338 Here's to many more birthdays going forward. Sherissa and I got the privilege of capturing this special event for Maci!! Thank you for allowing us this opportunity as well as a thank you to Sherissa! @John Alley (865)406-5338 @John Alley (865)406-5338 (We had a cute little helper with us that day also!!!!) @John Alley (865)406-5338 @John Alley (865)406-5338 @John Alley (865)406-5338 @John Alley (865)406-5338 Hahaha and the little helper I'm referring to is Josie!!! Not Sandy... Although she helped tremendously too!! (thanks for that...!)

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Phillips Wedding October 2016 @John Alley (865)406-5338

Hello there everyone!!! November already!!! Seriously... the older I get the faster it seems to go by. Anyway on to the post... Sherissa and I were contacted last year about shooting a wedding for a previous client!! WOW!!! It was such an honor that the bride considered us to capture her special day! After an initial meeting to discuss the many details, venue etc... dates were set and we were booked!!! What an experience... I had such a great time!! We were a little nervous the day of! Here is some of the BTS (behind the scenes) shots from throughout the day. And of course... Here is a link to the gallery which is but a sampling of the memories captured that day. Thank you to Theresa Murr (left) (c)Sherissa Lynch and Stephanie Ratliff (c)Sherissa Lynch (right) of Happily Ever After at The Barn.







Thank you as always to Sherissa for her creative eye and wonderful help I couldn't have made it without ya'!







And a huge thank you to Marissa and Joey for allowing us the privilege of capturing this day/these memories for them forever.

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Fishing March 9th 2016 Very pretty patterned/color smallmouth!!

Got a chance to head back out again and fish some more with this unseasonably warm up we had for the first of March and it was great!!! Here is the gallery with the pics form this trip also. This time I got two largemouths over 5 pound and a new personal best smallmouth to boot!!! The smallmouth was 2.5 pounds!! Check out how pretty that one is!! Wow!! So awesome with God's creations!!

My two fishing partners for the day! This photo shows my fishing partners fort the day!! I'm very happy going forward as I have a goal to get a 10+ pounder this year!!! We will see!!! Hahaha

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Fishing Season 2016 starts with a big'un...!! Sunrise as we head out for the day!!!

Well, I had intended to fish right through the winter months but things got in the way... Life happens as one might say. Sooo finally I did get to go and wow what a time!!! Went on Monday March 7th with Larry (my uncle in-law well, my wife's uncle) and it was a BLAST...!!! With Larry getting a new personal best of a healthy 6 pound largemouth!!! Wow! it was great... Caught both Large and Small mouths. Here is the gallery to a few we snapped pics of... Look for more to come! 2016 is off to a great start.

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Melissa's Surprise party!!! Hey there! Ok so it's been a while since I've updated the blog. Yeah you know the story... where does the time go? Hey I am sure that my Sister in-law is asking that same thing right now!!

(c)John Alley@2016 Hahaha this past weekend was a surprise birthday party for her. We had to reschedule it after the weather gave us some of that snow that so many of us love or hate... hahaha Here's the gallery for the photos of the party. Check them out and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment etc. Oh yeah!! Wish her (a late) Happy Birthday!!!

(c)John Alley@2016

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Ruby Falls - Chattanooga trip

During out anniversary week we decided to take a trip to Chattanooga for a weekend getaway. I had this idea we could run down there and eat lunch, shop, and then grab a room for the night (without reservations). Wow, was I wrong... Chattanooga has and continues to grow into a beautiful town. Knoxville is running behind in my opinion for sure. Anyway we did make it down there and did some shopping grabbed lunch then decided to take in Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls, and Rock City.

Whew... it was SOOO busy!! That's when we were asked if we were in town for one of the 4 softball tournaments, Riverbend, some other convention or just visiting? Hahaha THAT'S why there were no rooms ANYWHERE and it was packed with people. IT was a great little trip, but next time we'll book a room a little farther out... Here is a gallery of the pictures (Mostly Ruby Falls) which is worth the trip and for sure needs to be seen if you never have. I had been YEARS ago as a kid but it is much more appreciated now as an adult.


 I really look forward to going back to Chattanooga for a weekend trip maybe this fall. Such a wonderful town with so much to do. 

From Lookout Mountain looking to Chattanooga

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Spring 2015 Fishing Hello everyone! Ok so this isn't gonna be really related to photography other than there are pictures however it is another hobby that I have had for many years... wow, decades even. Yes plural... umm a little over three decades to be exact! I thought this would be a great place to post these updates as well as a small gallery of our results. As always check it out and feel free to comment or let me know what you think. If you can't wait and have to look NOW here's the link to the gallery.

It's that time of year when the fish in the East Tennessee area start to migrate to spawning areas. This drives many of us to the numerous local lakes to pursue these fish whether in an attempt to fill a cooler (for dinner) or for the pure sport/enjoyment of the catch. For the most part my time fishing has been the later of the two. I have (I should say WE have as my Dad along with friends got me into fishing waaaaay back when...) on occasion kept our catch to eat but very rarely. Most of the fishing I do is for pure sport and in pursuit of what's known as a "lunker" which in fisherman's terms is the biggest fish or at the least a very big fish! I had the opportunity to get to one of these lakes on Friday April 24th with a very good friend Eric. It turned out to be an awesome trip!! As will be shown in the small gallery. Every fish didn't make it to a photo op but there are a few that were worth it. Hmm so it IS photography related... kinda. As you can see I caught my new PB (personal best) today!!! YES!!! What a thrill!! It was awesome! Thanks to Eric as I almost didn't land the fish she fought so hard!! Here's to many more days with friends and family spending time doing what you enjoy (in this case fishing). AND here's to the continued pursuit of my NEW PB! Oh for those who have no clue or are curious the fish in the gallery are crappie and Largemouth bass. And that big girl, we figure to be one side or other of 6 pounds!! Awesome day! Thanks for going Eric!


PS There will be no fish on the menu this weekend as a fish such as that I'll not keep.... She's out there for another person to catch. Let 'em go.... let 'em grow.

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Cooper's 1st BIRTHDAY!!! If you're so impatient you can't wait here is the link to the gallery. Sherissa was contacted to help brainstorm ideas for and then shoot a session with Cooper for his first birthday!!! YAAY!!! To think, we were all that little and innocent at one time!! Haha She then contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in helping so I jumped at the chance. Brent & Sherissa brought the newest member of their family also. Dizzy was in quite a few shots but I liked this one about the best in this gallery where she's giving a kiss. I've got to include a quick shot I grabbed as Sherissa was down getting some of Cooper on the blanket/throw.

Sherissa capturing a great shot!!(c)John Alley@2014 He took off towards her as she's shooting away!! You can see the resulting pictures in the gallery. It was a blast!! Happy Birthday Cooper!!! Time goes so fast.... Here's to many more!

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The Young Family I was contacted to shoot a family session of some friends of the family. Here it is! Ok, I have to make a correction I know them also. It wasn't as if this was a introduction, then shoot the pictures. We had talked, met previously at a few cookouts here or there! Hey I love to eat. Ok enough of that nonsense. Say hello to the Young family. I had a blast shooting these. I have to point out how quick their son was to go from smiling (which although a fake smile looks quite good/natural) to that serious look on his face. (c)John Alley@2014 Hahaha it was awesome! I am glad I was able to catch that shot! Oh yeah one more thing... My nephew decided he needed to photobomb the picture, and with a little "coaching/guidance" I think we pulled it off quite nice. Even though it wasn't a true photobomb.

(c)John Alley@2014

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February 13th 2014 SNOW!!! @John Alley-2014 truephotoplus


Another snow storm!!! Wow, this one was quite a good one. I think I read that it was way back in 1996 since we've had this much snow!! It was very pretty and we really had a blast as you'll see in the pictures here. It was a family snow/play day. I really enjoyed it and it brought back many memories from years gone by playing around in the snow, sledding and having a blast!! Ahhh this just might be cause to go and try to dig out all the pictures taken from back in the day of years/snow days gone by and scan them into the computer to have digitally as well. Check out the gallery, leave a comment, let me know what you think.

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Snow was falling in the mountains.... Cades Cove Nov 2013 During the week of Thanksgiving 2013 we had a little dusting/minor accumulation of snow here in the valley. However, I knew (thanks to social medium etc...) that there was a good amount of snow coming down in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


Sooo with the upcoming holiday and off from work that Wednesday morning I checked to see if the roads were open and then headed over to Cades Cove to get some winter shots. Sherissa had mentioned a few times in the past about wanting to go when there was snow on the ground/falling. Sooo after a phone call or two, myself, Brent and Sherissa all headed over there to see if we could get any good shots. Here is the gallery of what I was able to capture. I love the mountains as it is so peaceful and beautiful (seems even more so with the winter scene all around). There were few critters stirring during the day. Then we DID stumble upon one of the better bucks I have witnessed in some time. Here's a link to the gallery of shots Sherissa got with quite a few excellent shots of that said buck. DSC_9546DSC_9546 They were moving/running/chasing each other quick and on a mission as the rut was going on (that's the time romance is in the air/mating season for those folks who are not familiar with the jargon). It was a great time but was cold... and time to leave came sooner than I wanted it to. So here's to next time and  if you can I'd for sure recommend visiting during the winter.

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A Relaxing time on the "Peaceful side of the Smokys" - Wears Valley Oct 2013 Back porch view…. Wears Valley Cabin@John Alley @truephotoplus

Another trip from our fall vacation was to a cabin in Wears Valley for some R&R, ummm, that's rest and relaxing, or Running and romping….??!?? Hehe we did some minor shopping around the area and for sure ate VERY well!!! Hehe had planned to go to the Glades Rd area and shop but instead managed to hang out closer to our cabin and hit the shops around that area. We had a beautiful view of the mountains and most all of the family came with us. My parents even came up for a night as well. That time with family is so much fun and it's important also. In my younger years I never realized how important it is. Umm, did I just call myself old? Hehe Oh yeah HERE is the gallery link in case you can't locate it. Enjoy… and hey there's more galleys to come!! Here's a little hint…. SNOW!!!! Hahahahaha

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A Surprise for Amy!!! (Virginia Creeper Trail just to give it away!) I planned a little weekend getaway at the start of our fall vacation to go to Damascus, VA for a few days and more so to ride the Virginia Creeper trail. Virginia Creeper TrailWhat a view...

I'd recommend ANYONE who has never been there to make plans and GO DO IT!!! It is a very nice half day or can be an all day ride (not to worry it's ALL downhill… well there are SOME level places but nothing anyone can't handle). I am ready to go back. Wow… it was probably the busiest weekend they've had if not then for sure the second busiest (according the the nice folks at the Bike shuttle/rental place). I took some photos along the way of us and of the scenery. FOr sure worth it and a great family outing as well. I'd like to stay longer next time well, by longer I mean a day or two more. Damascus isn't a vacation town to spend a week. Then again that's all relevant to what you want to do and how disconnected you wanna get I suppose. Here is the gallery to go check out of the many pictures I got along the way. Feel free to look comment and hey let me know if you've been and what your thoughts/experience was on the trail.

Our Wheels for the ride!   

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New Bern, North Carolina - July vacation!! Wow! Just to be soooo cliche I'm gonna say this again, like I do every single time. Where does the time go?? Hmm, well it seems to go by so fast and so much to do and just never enough time to do it. Ok, enough of my whining now. Amy and I took a much needed (aren't they ALL?) vacation back in July and went on a little trip to View from our room...(c)John Alley New Bern, North Carolina. Then over to the Southern Outer Banks. We loved it, and I wanna go back to the Outer Banks sometime, it is just a rather lengthy drive. I even went as far as to post a picture of one of the wild horses on my facebook page when we got back. Native Wild Horse on Shackleford Banks.(c)John Alley Yet, I never did manage to upload the pictures and post any info on the blog here about it. Well, with all this nice warm weather (it's snowing as I type this) I figure now is a great time to go back there and share all this with you folks. Yep, it's supposed to be near 6-8 degrees tonight so these beach shots look rather nice if I say so myself. I'll update info in the pics as I can, but for now here is the gallery for you to check out and enjoy! Here's to that next summer vacation!!!

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Maci - 2014 It is that time of year! School's starting back, time for homework, studying, after school practice, sports, Friday night's hanging with friends!! Wow how the time goes flying by! I was contacted by a good friend/former client about shooting her Daughters senior pictures. Of course! We'd be honored and have a blast and make sure she has a blast as well (and get's some great shots as a side...hehe). After all the normal formalities and scheduling the location the time was upon us!! I want to introduce to everyone Maci. She's starting her senior year this year making memories and plotting a course for her future. Oh how I don't miss school in the least bit, but if I could go back... no I take that back before I even say it. If I changed one little tiny thing from my past then I may not be here where I am today. Where God wants me to be. He has a plan for us all, it's just that those old worldly values kick in and that stubborn will to do what WE want. Anyway check out Maci's gallery and see what you think. We had a blast shooting the pictures. Here's a rare shot of me showing off what I captured at the moment.





And oh yeah here's a few complementary shots of Sherissa doing her thing getting the shot.











Thanks to Sandy, and Maci (oh Logan helped out too!!) and to Sherissa also as always. I hope you enjoy your pictures Maci here's to your Senior year!

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Bears 2013 part 1 The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is well known for the large Ursus Americanus (black bear) population. Being one of many things that draws over nine million plus visitors annually. (This according to the book of knowledge ummm Wikipedia that is...) Of these visitors most if not all would love the rare chance to see a bear in the wild. As of lately there have been more and more sightings of bears closer and closer to urban areas as the population grows. Another contributing factor in the bears coming in closer contact with humans is the idiots that feed/bait the bears. Possibly to get them closer or for whatever reasons, none the less they are doing far more harm than good. I do enjoy if not love this area (all along the Appalachian mountain chain). The more time spent there the more I learn and even have more of an appreciation for. I try to visit the park as often as I can, with the Townsend/Cade's Cove area being one of my favorite locations. Throughout the years most of my visits (the majority being in the fall/winter) I had only saw the rare bear on occasion, actually up until 2011 the total number I had seen was less than five. That changed once I learned more about the bears and their activities. Now every year I am going to try my best to make the trek for a minimum of a few days (if not a week) to capture the bears during their most active times. The gallery I have posted is the collection of the best shots from this year. Some I love ( I could watch the cubs play all day..!) others are just so so. Either way here they are to share with you all. Enjoy, and PLEASE BE AWARE that you should stay at LEAST thirty yards or more from all bears. (That is probably a great rule for all wildlife...) I have used a few super telephoto lenses to achieve these shots. Never getting too close, so much as even at proper/safe distances if I notice the animal changing its behavior then I move away even farther. This is done more to protect the bear than myself.

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Logan - 2014 Oh to be starting out in that final year of high school. Your whole life ahead… Senior year, a great time for some and a time to forget for others (maybe not THAT bad but lessons learned at the least). We were contacted by Logan with interest In a Senior session. Upon working out all the details the plan was set and we met for breakfast to chat and prepare for the shoot ahead. What an awesome time we had. Logan did a great job, her and her Mom (Missi) were a pleasure to work with. It was quite warm outside, and other than a few yellow jacket stings everyone came out unharmed. Yes you read that right… some genius (that would be me) decided to move a rock and disturbed a nest. Lesson learned… leave things alone and work around them. I did (and still do) apologize for that little booboo. Here is the gallery of shots to check out. No, this isn't all the shots, but a selection of some of the best ones to put here for all to see. Again thanks Logan and Missi and here's to the best going forward!

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Heather, Josh, and Mackenzie!!! I was contacted about shooting maternity photos along with possibly shooting the actual baby shower too! This was uncharted territory for me. But after a discussion with Sherissa we decided that we wanted to give it a shot. Enter Heather, Josh, and of course Mackenzie!!! After the usual text messages and discussion of time, place, etc... etc... to get an idea/feel for what she was looking for we scheduled and then did the shoot! What a BLAST!! I've got a small gallery of the shoot up and ready to view. It was so much fun and yet shows another service that we are happy to provide to people as a means to capture that special moment. Thanks to Sherissa for shooting the shower as Amy and I were out of town on vacation that week. Here's to all the best to a healthy beautiful baby Heather and Josh. Oh yeah I'd recommend checking out the small gallery of shots also!

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Snowy Day at Cades Cove Today (being March 4th 2013) there was a nice little snow storm overnight in our area. It left from a trace or dusting of snow up to about 2 inches in many places. Knowing that and also hearing/reading that there was a substantial amount of snow in the Great Smoky Mountain national park (on the East Tennessee side for sure) then I grabbed the gear and headed to one of my favorite locations. Cades Cove. I was not disappointed upon arriving at the Cove. A nice amount of snow and a very small adventure after a bobcat by the days end!! I'll give the full story on how this transpired in the gallery with the corresponding photo. Here is a shot of the tracks that the snow allowed me to find EASY! DSC_0016 Well the 9 to 5 (that would be my "day job" that's not really "days" for sure) prevented me from staying much past Noon that day but it was a great time! I'm looking forward to some time up there to try to capture a wild bobcat photo for sure now! I'll give it a shot this coming fall/winter.


(Ummm, again here I am just now getting to posting this update to the blog and website. Ahhh yeah catching up is kinda' fun to relive all these adventures!! Look for more in the coming week!)

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